Towel – A cool towel to have extra power


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You’ve just finished a great training session in the gym. You’ve sweat it out biiiig time. Well done! You can be super proud of all the effort you put in and your body and health will want to thank you for it – they might even give you a Mexican wave. That’s why, your time has come to have a well-deserved break, to enjoy some delicious fruit, drink lots of water, and of course, enjoy a refreshing shower where you can sing your heart out to your favorite song or tell yourself how great you look… we can’t help where we look now can we?! And to accompany you during that amazing time, we’ve designed an accessory that you’re going to love: a microfibre towel that is light, practical, and which dries at the bat of an eye and which also has a practical bag to carry it around with ease. And since it’s so compact, it’ll take up hardly any space in your bag or backpack when you head to the gym. As for the message, it couldn’t be any other way and the towel includes a phrase that will give you that little extra boost and help you smash it even more in the gym… you can do it! Remember that if you need a little bit more help to “win at the gym” you can find other amazing sport and gym accessories in this collection!

Size: 80 x 130 cm

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