Tweezers pink – Your beauty knows no bounds


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You’re not just good-looking, you’re a complete knock-out! And all that is purely down to your incredible smile that radiates your inner light and your natural beauty. But it is true that, from time to time, you want to put in a little extra effort and control your flyaway hairs because you prefer to leave rebellion to those times when you leave the house without a charger when your phone’s on 10% battery. So, in order for you to be able to invest in your look and pamper yourself a bit more, Mr. Wonderful and the brand that is known for tis expertise in beauty accessories, Beter, have come together to collaborate and create this set of tweezers. Resistant and practical, as you can imagine from a collaboration such as this, each pair of tweezers is created with a different purpose in mind. One the one hand, the slanted tweezers are perfect for quick and precise hair removal, and on the other, the pointed tweezers are great for removing ingrown hairs easily and painlessly. As we already know that you’re going to like them so much that you’d like to take them with you wherever you go, they also come with a metal tin to keep them in, and a mirror inside so that you can see every hair you pluck. We’ve got all bases covered so that you only need to worry about enjoying yourself and chasing your dreams.

Measures: 15,5 x 6,3 x 0,5 cm

– Two pairs of tweezers to keep you looking polished to perfection.

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