Compact makeup mirror pink – You look stunning!


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Make sure you’re paying close attention because we’re going to show you one of the stars of our new collection made in collaboration with Beter. This compact mirror really is something else. Because it has it all: a design with a style and size perfect for carrying it with you wherever you go. It comes with a 3x LED light that allows you to better see yourself whether it’s day or night. And thanks to the fact that it’d made from plastic, it’s very lightweight, so you needn’t worry about it weighing down your bag, pocket or wherever else you decide to carry it.
In a collaboration with an expert in the beauty sector such as Beter, the results were guaranteed to exceed expectations. In the case of this adorable, practical compact mirror, its design makes it unique, fun and very Mr. Wonderful-esque, together with its positive message. On the other hand, we are using Better-quality products which guarantees a resistant product whose mirror allows you to see the most HD version of yourself in incredible detail. And that’s it, all you need to have a small, nifty mirror handy. It’s super useful, adorable and will make all touch ups a pleasure.

– Compact mirror with light and message.
– Available in 2 colors: mint and nude.

1,2 x 9 cm

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