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Who’s lying?
Fakes is a game where you will discover interesting personal anecdotes and details about your friends relating to a common theme.
But beware! the player with the liar card will tell stories that aren’t true.
Discover which player is lying whilst trying to convince the others that your story is false.
Each player can ask two questions to try and find out whether the story is true or false.
Will you be able to discover the fake story?

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 3 and above
Components: 12 truth or lie cards, 50 theme cards, instructions
Key Competences: Cultural awareness and expression: being able to perceive which stories are true or false. Social and civic: respect turn, tolerance to frustration, understanding codes of conduct, empathy. Learning to learn: listening to rules and checking that they are being applied well, perception of self-efficacy
Cognitive Skills:

  • Attention – listen carefully to the stories
  • Memory – remembering the stories until the vote
  • Language – speaking and understanding the stories
  • Decision-making – who is lying
  • Auditory gnosis – distinguishing the lie in the story
  • Multiple Intelligences:
  • Linguistics – making up the stories and telling them to the participants
  • Interpersonal – relationship with other players.

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