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Lever arch file – Do what you love (and also some work)


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Yes, yes, we know. All those hours of work – notes and the rest, have the same one thing in common: they get lost. Inside books, notebooks and lockers; that’s where they hide, happy as a clam until the exam creeps up, when you want to give your notes one last revision and… then the frantic search begins! Good luck! But if you’re tired of this happening time and time again, we suggest an alternative that we’re sure you’re going to like very much: a ring binder. And just like that, the problem is solved and this adorable folder is going to be the talk of your class. Sheets always organized and crease-free in 3, 2, 1…

This super cute ring binder comes with 4 metal rings inside to keep your sheets in place and their 4 corners nice and orderly. Plus, it comes with an anti-scratch outer coating to make it even more resistant. All of these things make it a truly fantastic item, and its turquoise and pink Sketch design and message make it a contender for the best of the best.

Size: 28 x 33 cm

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