Medium-sized pink umbrella – Hearts print inside pattern


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For the fields that are thirsty and for people to drink, it has to rain. As Bon Jovi used to sing: let it rain! And we hope that it catches us more prepared than ever, with suitable clothing, wellies and a Mr. Wonderful umbrella as beautiful as this one. And its Wonder heart pattern and the pink tone of it will fill your rainy days with light, a lot of tenderness and endless good vibes. In addition to that, its size is ideal, because it will cover you wonderfully, but you can easily transport it in a large bag, in a backpack, in your sports bag… And you can even keep it in the glove compartment of your car for when those unexpected rainfalls occur that threaten to put the kibosh our day. With this original umbrella, you can continue leading a normal life, protecting yourself from water and keeping on setting trends. Of course, you will still be able to set trends as you did before. If you are superstitious, do not open the umbrella until you leave the house (or the car), equip yourself well and… go out and take over the world!

Umbrella measurements: 27 x 7 cm.


– Medium-sized folding umbrella made of polyester with 7 ribs and modern print.

– Automatic opening and closing system.

Let the umbrella dry before folding. Fold following the folds of the umbrella.

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