Pen with squishy – Heart


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Have you ever tried stress balls? They are fun, right? The truth is that they can really help channel excess stress, which there is without a doubt. Now think you are in class, or not, either way it does not matter, you are comfortably at your desk, maybe at home, working, studying hard as you usually do. You open your Mr. Wonderful diary and oh, surprise! Your history exam has been moved forward to tomorrow! Let’s see, you are doing quite well, eh, but we know how important it is to get the grades you deserve. Nerves begin, cold sweats … and there is no stress ball around. Wow. Well, don’t panic, because here Mr. Wonderful comes to the rescue with this¬†fantastic pen that, in addition to writing beautifully it incorporates a wonderfully cute and sweetheart at the top, made nothing more and nothing less than … anti-stress foam! Yes indeed, you guessed it. So, whilst you study, mark, summarize and sketch, you will be able to take a breather from time to time and squeeze this soft little wonder heart. No more nerves or stress!

– 6.5 x 17.5 x 4cm
– Ballpoint pen with a squishy figure (anti-stress) in the shape of a heart.

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