Set of rulers to measure your success


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To become a fully-fledged cool student, we can’t think of anything better than this Mr. Wonderful kit: it consists of a 12-inch ruler (30 cm), a 6-inch ruler (15 cm), two pencils and an eraser. An ideal pack to draw straight lines towards success, to measure your progress and to use it as a reference if you want to get rid of whatever does not serve you well. In addition, as usual with our products, this complete set has that original and friendly Wonder touch, which transmits good vibes millimeter by millimeter. All this makes it an ideal accessory to accompany you during your maths, technology, and art classes, or whenever you want to underline a title in your notes. And if you have already passed the student stage, but you do not like to break the rules, this kit is also ideal for you.
If you are looking to go further and equip yourself to face one of your classes, your days at the office or your afternoons of crafts, you will like to know that in our online or physical store you can get many items as great and practical as this one. Get hold of them and draw a line to rival all other lines!

Contains two 12″ (30 cm) and 6″ (15 cm) desk rulers, two pencils, and an eraser.

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